The 2018 TechCon Call For Proposals is now CLOSED.

We'll be in touch in December to notify all applicants.

Suggested topics for 2018 now posted here.

Some changes you'll note in this year's Call For Proposals:

1) We are using a new CFP system that will enable us to better track incoming proposals. It refers to your proposal as an 'abstract', and anyone submitting one is labeled an 'author'.

2) The new system will require you to register and create a username/password combo. Once you do that, you can submit as many proposals as you wish until the October 27 deadline, and you can revise up until the deadline.

3) We are seeking to learn more about diversity at TechCon, and there are new questions about race and sex in our form; these questions are entirely optional for you to answer.

4) By default, the submitter of an abstract is initially labeled both the "Corresponding Author" and the "Presenting Author." If you are submitting on behalf of someone else (e.g. a supervisor or PR client), please mark yourself as "Corresponding Author" and add your presenter as "Presenting Author." This will ensure you receive any correspondence regarding the abstract proposal.


Conference Deadlines: By submitting an abstract for the TechCon Call for Proposals, you agree to meet the following deadlines:

    1) Register for the Conference: All speakers need to register for the event. Registration will open in January.
    2) Work with your assigned session producer to refine your presentation starting in January 2018.
    3) Submit first presentation draft to your producer by Friday, March 9, 2018.
    4) Submit revised presentation to your producer by Wednesday, March 21, 2018
    5) Note: these deadlines apply to all speakers.

Session producers are responsible for reviewing all session content. After acceptance, if you are unable or unwilling to meet these deadlines or need to withdraw your submission, please contact your session producer or Mr. Kevin Ruppenthal. For questions about the Agenda or the Call For Proposals form, please contact Kevin Ruppenthal at


Conference Mission: TechCon has a rich, nearly 40-year history as a key educational event for anyone in public media who works in technology. Evolving with the industry, the conference brings together Broadcast Engineering, Digital Products, Information Technology, Operations, and Traffic sessions and discussions for attendees. Presentations from stations, vendors, national public media organizations, academics and thought leaders from across the non-commercial and commercial sectors make TechCon a varied and powerful event for learning, brainstorming and collaboration.

We are working to build an educational TechCon program that serves the knowledge needs of PBS member station staffAs in years past, we hope to develop another top-notch agenda designed to educate and inform anyone in public media using technology to serve an audience. To help guide your thinking, the TechCon audience is made up of professionals from the following areas of public broadcasting: Broadcast, Digital, I.T., and Traffic. TechCon attendees tell us they are eager to learn in sessions, discussions, and workshops that are:
•    Educational;
•    Hands-on; and
•    Technical or in-depth.

We invite your ideas for sessions tailored to colleagues in Broadcast, Digital, I.T., Traffic, and Station Management - especially proposals for multi-disciplinary discussions that would be of interest to all attendees. For examples from last year's event, see our 2017 Agenda:


Exhibiting & Sponsoring: Exhibition and sponsor opportunities will be available, and our Exhibit Hall SELLS OUT every year. For further details, please contact Ms. Naseem Hussain at for more information.

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