After the 2017 conference, we asked our attendees what topics they want to learn more about next year. Here are their suggestions for session topics for TechCon 2017, sorted by primary audience. Click the links below to be taken directly to that audience's suggestions, or click here to download a PDF version of this information. Please note that TechCon encourages proposals that serve all these audiences, especially where topics have impact across disciplines.


1. ATSC 3.0 & other standards – migrating to, business cases, SMPT 2110, public safety uses, detailed plans (vs. hypotheticals), lighthouse partnering
2. UHD, HDR & other Production interests – multicam production workflows
3. Archiving: best practices, what are you archiving?, converting tape to digital, long-term & low-cost solutions
4. Optimizing file-based workflows and media management – especially as it impacts sIX distribution and traffic
5. 600 MHz Repack: lessons learned, impacts on translators, production (wireless mikes)
6. Metadata – best practices to keep content and developing good metadata for post-production distribution
7. Closed captioning solutions across multiple platforms (broadcast and digital)
8. Public media’s role in public safety
9. Video over IP
10.Success stories in field engineering

1. Digital content production - article writing, social media strategy, photography, email strategy, effective post-production workflows,
2. Analytics & Metrics – measuring growth across multiple platforms (web, OTT, apps), better reporting, hands-on with Google Analytics, data visualization
3. Multiplatform Digital Campaigns – from start to finish, what questions to ask, break down silos, who to reach out to, pitfalls to avoid
4. Audience Insights – case studies about how stations have tapped into new audiences and what they’ve learned along the way
5. Social Media – Facebook ad campaign step-by-step, hands-on Facebook live workshop,
6. Digital Fundraising – models, sponsorships, ads, subscriptions, what’s working
7. Streaming Media – for non-TV and non-IT
8. Metadata – online media vs. broadcast media
9. API Deep Dives – Cove, SSP, Bento, Media Manager, etc.
10.Marketing – leveraging national marketing at the local level, monetizing digital content, curating local content at the national level


1. API structure and integration
2. Best practices in privacy and security – including preventing/minimizing ransomware attacks, firewalls, malware prevention and removal (for both servers and desktops)
3. Mac and Windows OS maintenance – best combination of reliability and performance
4. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
5. Advanced network design techniques – strategies for designing and deploying large storage arrays
6. IT Service Mangagement
7. Database conversion & archiving – what you need to know
8. Moving your admin/business services to the cloud

1. Change management
2. The dissolving line between engineering and I.T. – how do stations design their org charts, workflows, security?
3. Professional development for middle management
4. Managing tech - what choices do GMs need to make now to prep for the future?, keeping up with tech that change 2-3x faster than purchase and amortization cycles
5. Women in technology - ladies who speak geek, Women in Public Media Leadership
6. Recruiting and managing a multigenerational workforce
7. Public safety and datacasting
8. Managing teams - communicating effectively across departments and cutting across silos
9. Creative writing – for promotion, business, and beyond


1. ProTrack boot camp with terminals set up for hands-on training opportunities regarding advanced user features and tips to maximize efficiency
2. Breaks – structure, promotional tactics, audience affinity & engagement
3. Workflow – more station-led examples of improving and organizing workflow, streamlining our daily work (may need more than 90 minutes)
4. MyPBS best practices
5. Traffic with joint master control or outsource programming services