The PBS KIDS Digital Innovations Grant, made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, will be hosting a two-day Rapid Innovation Lab (RIL) as a session during PBS TechCon in the first week of April. The RIL is designed around the goal of helping stations ideate and develop new strategies to make PBS KIDS digital a part of their core service. New strategies may include, but are not limited to, pbskids.org, the PBS KIDS Video app, PBS KIDS Games app, PBS KIDS show apps, and Kart Kingdom.

Through this initiative, the Digital Innovation Grant will provide a full scholarship covering registration, housing and travel for several PBS station representatives to attend RIL / TechCon in Las Vegas from April 2-6. Once the Lab has adjourned, attendees will facilitate a panel on Rapid Innovation during PBS TechCon. The Rapid Innovation Lab will be conducted in three parts:

Ideation & Challenge Assessment, February 26 -  March 26

Through the Lab, attendees will convene via webinar before the conference and surface challenges local markets currently face with a focus on the changing media preferences of stations’ audiences, and explore best practices around customization to best engage children, their families and educators.

Rapid Innovation Lab and Synthesis, April 2 -  April 4

Attendees will then convene in Las Vegas, April 2 – April 4, to ideate and synthesize creative solutions to address the identified challenges. During the onsite session, attendees will utilize a collaborative process allowing them to focus on the previously determined challenge sets. The RIL team will then synthesize the ideas into solution sets covered in the TechCon Panel.

PBS TechCon Panel, April 5

The Rapid Innovation Lab team will convene for a 60-minute TechCon panel on Thursday, April 5, 2018, and present background on the process, the discovery of challenges and the synthesis of solution sets.

The Rapid Innovation Lab will be a time commitment of several hours per week leading to PBS TechCon to ensure the onsite sessions are productive and will produce meaningful insights. The key dates are outlined below to assist with application planning and preparation:

  • 2/1 – 2/9: Applicant submissions
  • 2/13- 2/16: Notify and award applicants
  • 2/26 – 3/19: Webinars
    • 2/26: Webinar 1
    • 3/5: Webinar 2
    • 3/12: Webinar 3
    • 3/19: Webinar 4
  • 3/26: Pre-conference update
  • 4/2 – 4/4: Rapid Innovation Lab
  • 4/5: TechCon Presentation
  • 4/6: TechCon Ends 

If you would like to apply, please use the following form link: Rapid Innovation Lab Application. The application process will close on Friday, February 9th at 11:59 pm EST. We look forward to hearing from and collaborating with you. Should you have any questions in the interim, please email Jon Burns, Director of Product Management at jmburns@pbs.org to schedule a call for additional background or provide immediate feedback