Welcome TechCon Speakers!


  • February 17: SPEAKER FORMS Deadline - http://bit.ly/TC17Speakers or you can simply click here.
  • Friday March 17: First presentation draft & video due to your producer; also EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION & HOTEL CUTOFF date
  • Friday, April 7: Revised presentation draft & all video due to your producer; also ADVANCE REGISTRATION DEADLINE date

DETAILS for SPEAKERS:  A few things we'd like to inform presenters of in advance...and be sure to scroll down to see our resources for 2017, including PowerPoint templates.

Equipment in the breakout rooms (if you are speaking in a general session, please consult with your producer):

  • Podium microphone
  • 2 table microphones
  • 2 wireless microphones: 1 handheld on stand for Q&A & 1 handheld on podium for those who walk and talk
  • Wireless slide remote/advancer
  • Projector 16x9 aspect ratio
  • Screen 16x9 aspect ratio
  • Switcher
  • Speakers
  • Mixer
  • Computer audio connection
  • Wired Internet at podium

Other session specifics - some of these are specific requests our attendees have asked us for in their feedback:

  • Duration - Sessions run 50 or 80 minutes; consult your producer for further details.
  • Audio - Sessions will be audio recorded; please use the microphones for all discussion - please speak clearly into the microphones, and also we ask for your help: please repeat any off-mike audience questions so everyone can hear the query. We really want to end the feedback we get every year from attendees about not being able to hear speakers or audience questions!
  • Q&A - Timing of sessions should include 5-10 minutes set aside for Q&A. Our motto is "there should always be time for Q&A."
  • Eye chart slides - Please help avoid "eye chart slides" that are difficult to read. If the audience cannot read your slides, will they be able to absorb the material you are presenting?
  • Timing - Help us keep the conference running on time: if it looks as though there are more questions than time, please invite folks to continue the discussion outside the meeting room after the session (in the hallway, at your booth, via your contact info, etc.)
  • Define your terms - While TechCon is a Technology Conference, there are a number of different disciplines in attendance. Help everyone in the audience understand what you’re putting forth by explaining important acronyms and other necessary terminology. Avoid leaving them behind in alphabet soup!
  • Register - Speakers should go ahead and register for the conference; all speakers are required to register. If you're an exhibitor or sponsor, you likely receive a number of complimentary registrations as part of your package - consult your marketing team or Ms. Naseem Hussain for more details.

Questions about these requirements? Please contact your Session Producer or Kevin Ruppenthal.