Saturday Add-on Course: IP Video for Media Professionals

On Saturday, April 16, IEEE and BTS offer a 1-day course for those looking to brush up on their IP video skills and knowledge. Registration for this year's course is $200, and the class will be held offsite at Vegas PBS from approximately 9am until 5pm.

Registration can be done along with your TechCon registration - or you can register separately for this class. Your registration includes lunch, plus transportation to/from The Mirage to Vegas PBS (further location details below).

Course Description: Delivering video signals over IP networks is rapidly revolutionizing all aspects of the broadcast business, starting at the camera and reaching all the way to viewers' homes and mobile devices. Many new standards, including 4K/UHD and ATSC 3.0, are being built to leverage the tremendous cost and scale advantages of IP technology. IEEE has developed this course specifically to address the needs of engineers, managers and technicians who need to quickly come up to speed on the wide range of new technologies that will increasingly dominate broadcast facilities and networks during the remainder of this decade and beyond. CEUs are available for attending this course.

This course is designed to provide a detailed look at the key technologies used to transmit video signals over IP networks not only to viewers, but also for contribution, distribution and within production facilities. The emphasis will be on explaining the underlying technologies and showing practical applications for them. Students will become familiar with a range of terminology and standards, and gain an understanding of how IP video technologies will impact their current and future plans for video production, networking and delivery.

Register: choose the "IEEE Video Over IP Workshop" option on the Registration page.

Location: Vegas PBS address is 3050 E Flamingo Rd, 89121. It takes 10 minutes to get there from The Mirage and an approximate $10-$15 taxi cab. Transportation details and lunch requests will be sent to attendees in early April. Plan to depart the hotel at 8:30 am.

Section 1 IP Basics

  • Packets and Frames
  • IP and MAC Addresses
  • IPv4, IPv6
  • Switching and Routing
  • VLANs
  • LAN and WAN Technologies

Section 2 IP Video

  • Compression
  • H.264/AVC
  • AAC Audio Compression
  • J2K
  • HEVC
  • File Wrappers and Containers
  • MP4, FLV, ASF, etc.
  • MPEG2 Transport Streams
  • RTP/UDP and TCP
  • Ports
  • Vitual Circuits and Connections
  • HTML5
  • Closed Captioning/SMPTE Timed Text

Section 3 Consumer Video Delivery

  • Traditional Streaming (Flash, etc.)
  • Proprietary HTTP Streaming (HLS, HDS, MSS)
  • DASH Streaming Standard
  • Content Protection/Digital Rights Management
  • Encryption
  • Key Management
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • Content Preparation Workflows

Section 4 IP Contribution/Distribution Networks

  • SMPTE 2022
  • JPEG2000
  • VSF TR-01
  • Hitless Protection Switching
  • Carrier-grade Ethernet and IP Services (MPLS, etc.)

Section 5 Private and In-Studio IP Video

  • IPTV
  • Architecture
  • Program Guide
  • Multicasting
  • IGMP v2, v3 with SSM
  • Sparse and Dense PIM
  • IEEE 1588 PTP, IEEE 1722
  • AVB, Dante, Ravenna, and AES67
  • Joint Taskforce on Networked Media

Section 6 System-Level Considerations

  • Bandwidth
  • End-to-end Delay
  • Channel Change Time
  • Advertising
  • Troubleshooting Strategies