Can't Attend? Don't let that stop you - participate anyway!

Posted by Kevin Ruppenthal on

For member stations, there are some ways that folks not physically at TechCon can still participate in the events of the conference. We'll outline those below. Most of them require a myPBS login, noted below. You can find the online version of the conference schedule here (though times in the schedule are Pacific!):

I. Stream General Sessions on myPBS:

Go to -- requires a myPBS login
2018 Sessions that will be streamed (all times Eastern):

  • Wednesday, April 4 - 5pm Welcome To TechCon: Opening Session
  • Wednesday, April 4 - 7:30pm sIX Interconnection Update
  • Thursday, April 5 - 11:30am Keynote: Geoff Ramsey of eMarketer
  • Friday, April 6 - 11:30am State of the System with Paula Kerger


II. Review Collaborative Note-Taking

The DMAC (Digital Media Advisory Council) came up with an idea so good we are expanding it to most of the breakout sessions this year. It's collaborative note-taking via Google doc! Here's how:

  • TechCon attendees can join the process by clicking the collaborative note-taking link in the app that is listed after the session description. Make and share your notes for those unable to attend.
  • If you're not onsite at TechCon, use our online schedule to find the session that interests you, click the link and check out the notes after the session - as in the bottom right in this photo:


Special thanks to The Digital Media Advisory Council for spearheading a digital note-taking effort at TechCon and inspiring its expansion across the conference.

For the digital sessions, if you’d like to join in and help us take better notes for the benefit of everyone in the system, please head to Questions about this process or the DMAC? Email or stop by the PBS Digital & Marketing Booth to learn more.


III. Slide Decks And Streams After The Conference

After the conference, we expect to have the slide decks and streams available at For now, the 2017 materials are still there for your perusal.