Gear assistance needed for USVI and PR member stations

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Via our colleague Renard Jenkins:

Hello All,

I am reaching out today on behalf of our PBS stations in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. As you know, both areas were devastated by hurricane Maria and we are attempting to get their signals back up.

Communications are spotty so Mario and I have been in contact with the GMs for both stations. They are really seeking our help.

I am hoping that you or your stations can help us locate some parts for some legacy Harris satellite gear.
See attached equipment tag pic and below are the specs that I received from USVI. (Note: Puerto Rico is still is in the assessment phase - more to come).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Model # DHD20P1
Part # 994-9912-103
Serial # SPCD 351-02


This is the information for the Vertex dish:

MFG# 5093-33
Serial# 91-0036
Model # 81KPK2ROL1

Parts needed:
Elevation arm and weather protector for worm drive extension.
Model # AWJ 820-59
Serial # J91-06166
Weather protector for azimuth arm worm drive extension
Joyce Dayton
Cap. 25 tons
Model # AWJ 1125-75
Serial # J1-06244

Thanks as always.

Please send responses to - I will forward to Renard.