Business travel is always a challenging prospect, and we know it can be difficult to make the case for why you should travel to Las Vegas for TechCon.

To help with that, we have created the Justify Your Trip letter to help you make the case to your supervisor or GM. Here's how to use it:

  • download the letter
  • make the letter your own: customize it to your station's interests
  • highlighted sections are areas you should edit before submitting
  • if you're asking to stay for NAB, you may want to add something about attending both conferences with one single trip
  • If you do use this letter, we'd be curious to hear how it worked for you: please drop us a line at pbstechconference@pbs.org and let us know your experience - and any suggestions for future versions.

You can download the letter (in Word) below:

Icon 2016 Justify Your Trip Letter (19.2 KB)