The quiet period for the broadcast spectrum incentive auction began on January 12th and will last until the results of the auction are publicly announced later this year. Throughout the quiet period, all full-power and Class A broadcast television licensees are prohibited from communicating directly or indirectly any incentive auction applicant's bids or bidding strategies. This includes, for example: (1) whether a station plans to bid or is bidding in the incentive auction; (2) any specific bid options selected by any station on its application to participate in the auction, such as moving to the VHF band; (3) the existence of a channel sharing agreement or any details of such an agreement, including the identity of a channel sharing partner; (4) the bidding status of a station even if it has dropped out of the auction; and (5) the amount of money that a station expects to make in the auction or its reserve price. Any party that discloses or receives such information is required to report the communication to the FCC within five business days, which may result in a Department of Justice investigation and severe civil or criminal penalties. Please do not make any reference to your bids or bidding strategies in discussions with PBS or any other public television entity during the quiet period.