Get creative with the Call For Proposals
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Get creative with the TechCon Call For Proposals!

The 2019 Call For Proposals is still open... but only for a few more weeks. Nervous about proposing? Don't be! Our audiences are eager to learn from your expertise, and how you're achieving your success. In fact, you can be rather creative about it...

Conference sessions can often be the usual PowerPoint panels we've sat through before.
TechCon is very open to variations in the usual format, and we're encouraging YOUR creativity for the 2019 conference!

Below are some ideas about different session formats you might use; be sure to tell us in your proposal if you're doing something out of the ordinary...

1. THE INTERVIEW: one year we had a station executive who was integrating news bureaus across TV, radio, and online platforms. At the time of the conference, the work was still intense and ongoing. The session producer then proposed an interview format - which freed the speaker from time spent creating a full presentation! It did require the session producer to write up questions for the session, that given were to our speaker in advance of the day - so the speaker could think on them and make notes in preparation.

2. THE GAME SHOW: a session was once presented in a game show format where the ANSWERS were presented by the speaker, and the audience had to then supply the QUESTIONS! This simple tweak upended the usual presentation style and increased audience participation significantly.

3. THE DISCUSSION: got a hot burning issue? Something you need help with? A session could even be just a discussion with you and other people with similar interests. Advance planning will still be required, with questions thought out in advance, and session goals clearly stated in the proposal.

These are just a few ideas to kickstart your TechCon Proposal. Check out this article for even more ideas on how to change up your presentation style.