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2021 PBS Technology Conference (TechCon)

Tracy Carter Traffic Scholarships


Eligibility Requirements
How To Apply
Additional Information
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Tracy Carter Traffic Scholarships (3)
As Chief Technology Officer at Myers, Tracy Carter was a passionate software architect in the media technology industry. He was particularly well-known for his domain expertise within the Public Broadcasting world where he spearheaded countless solutions and set standards of excellence that are recognized by his peers throughout the system.

Known by many for his ability to spark thought-provoking conversation, Tracy was also known for asking tough questions and his unparalleled commitment to empowering his colleagues and friends across Public Media stations.

Tracy deeply appreciated the value of sharing knowledge and furthering dialogue in today's rapidly evolving broadcast industry and in that spirit, a memorial fund was established by his wife and colleague Nancy Carter. To honor Tracy's legacy, the fund provides aid to selected recipients with the desire to attend PBS TechCon through yearly scholarships.

This year, THREE scholarships are available and cover the cost of registration for the PBS Technology Conference, and the application deadline is COB Tuesday, February 25, 2020. Read on for Eligibility requirements and how to apply.

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Eligibility Requirements:
The Traffic Scholarships are open to member station Traffic personnel staff that can demonstrate need for financial assistance to attend TechCon, and meet at least one of the following two attendance criteria:

  • PBS member station Traffic staffers new to the system (“new” is defined as employed fewer than 3 years at the station).
  • PBS member station Traffic staff who have not attended TechCon in the last 5 years.

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How to Apply:
To qualify for scholarship, candidates must submit the following two letters together via email:

  1. Recommendation Letter from your GM or Supervisor in which they substantiate the station’s financial need and willingness to cover recipient’s other travel costs (meals, flight, hotel). Recommendation letter should outline the rationale for attending and/or support for the candidate’s attendance at TechCon (including reasons for financial need).
  2. Candidate Letter explaining why you and your station would benefit from your attendance at the Traffic Sessions that are part of the PBS Technology Conference. Please indicate the following 3 items somewhere in your letter:
    1. Your primary background and/or job title
    2. Number of years you have been employed at your station
    3. The attendance criteria you meet (e.g. fewer than 3 years, or have not attended in the last 5 years; please do indicate the last year you attended TechCon)
  3. Both letters should be emailed together to with the phrase “Traffic Scholarship Application Enclosed” in the subject line. Scholarship recipients will be notified in time to make further travel arrangements. URGENT UPDATE: PLEASE FORWARD A COPY OF YOUR SUBMISSION TO NICK AGRESTI,

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Additional Rules and Information:

  • There will be 3 Traffic scholarships available for 2020.
  • Recipients will be chosen by the officers of the Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) and their advisors.
  • Application for the Traffic Scholarship will not exclude a candidate from any other scholarship opportunities – feel free to apply for all opportunities you qualify for.
  • Scholarships will be awarded in the form of a Discount Registration Code for TechCon, and winners will be notified in time to make travel plans to Las Vegas.
  • The 2020 TechCon Traffic Scholarship is limited to one recipient per member station.
  • Recipients are responsible for all travel-related expenses, including transportation and food; ideally your station will support you and cover those expenses.
  • Scholarships cover the registration fee only for the PBS Technology Conference. Add-ons with additional costs (such as other workshops) are not included in this scholarship.
  • If a scholarship recipient is for some reason unable to attend the conference, immediate notice must be made both by telephone and email to Kevin Ruppenthal ( / 703-739-5479). We ask that you notify us as soon as possible to allow PBS time to offer the scholarship opportunity to an alternate recipient. Failure to notify PBS will result in station being billed for the cost of the scholarship (cost of conference registration fee).

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