Make a Connection at TechCon 2019
Join our new TechConnections program when you register for the 2019 conference! The TechConnections program pairs first time TechCon attendees with a seasoned attendee to help create a level of support for them at their first TechCon conference.

When you register for TechCon 2019 you can choose to sign-up to be a TechConnector or a TechConnection. A TechConnector is a seasoned TechCon attendee who would like to share their insight and experiences at TechCon and in public media with a newcomer. A TechConnection is a new TechCon attendee (and possibly new to public media) who is seeking advice and guidance during their time at the conference.


Sign-up & Get Connected:

  • When you register for TechCon, you can choose to sign-up as a TechConnector (seasoned attendee) or a TechConnection (first time attendee) under the “Programs and Pre-Conferences” section.

  • After selecting your designation, you will then select what topics you are interested in learning more about from your TechConnector or are comfortable discussing with your TechConnection.

  • From the topics selected, pairs will be matched and individuals will be notified of their connection via email prior to the start of the conference.

  • Once connected, suggestions for ways to meet-up and engage at the conference will be shared. As a pair, you’ll define the type and level of engagement you wish to have. We have outlined some suggestions below, but make the experience your own!

Suggestions to Connect:

  • Connect with one another upon your arrival at TechCon. If you are arriving early plan to touch base, and grab a cup of coffee to get to know one another.
  • Meet up before the opening session on Wednesday, April 3rd and set aside 30 minutes to discuss your goals for the conference, what questions you have about the experience, and discuss how you wish to stay in touch for the remainder of the event.

Sign-up when you register for TechCon and start growing your public media connections! Please email with any questions.